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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to (Gogofreeads/site). You are requested to go through the ‘Terms of Use’ given herein before dealing with the website.

By using Gogofreeads  either through the website or via app on your electronic device, you agree to abide by the  Terms of use of

You also agree and accept the Privacy and listing policy of the website.

Using Gogofreeads

Gogofreeads is a free classified website that aims at providing a common marketplace and a platform to advertise and promote information regarding goods and services.

Gogofreeads does not in any way promote or endorse any of the products or services listed herein, nor is the website responsible in any way for the distribution of goods and services.

We also do not guarantee sale of goods or services listed on our website.

The members must exercise due diligence and common sense while dealing with the other users at the time of buying or selling their products/services or while sharing their information on this portal.

The users also agree to abide to the listing policy and will list their goods or services in appropriate categories.

Your information includes the details provided by the users at the time of registration, listing their services, making a purchase from other users, responding to the listing or while getting response to the classified, at the time of giving feedback etc.

You agree that Gogofreeads is just a platform for facilitate online distribution of goods and services and the users are solely responsible for the information provided by them to this website.

You agree that any information providing by you in the listing, posting or at any place on this website is accurate and nothing given therein is done with an intention to mislead or with fraudulent intention.

The information given by the users with regards to their listing or posting:

Shall be true and fair and shall not be given with malafide intention or give information in a way to mislead or misrepresent the facts and conditions of the goods or services.

Shall not be of illegal, stolen or substandard quality

Shall not list goods or services which do not belong to you or those where you do not have rights or consent to list.

Shall not contain any content that disturbs the peace and harmony of this nation or will hurt feelings of anyone.

Shall refrain from making any derogatory remarks with regards to caste, creed, gender, religion, lifestyle, nationality,etc.

Shall not encroach the proprietary rights, intellectual property, 3rd party rights or trade secret of others

Shall not post, list or mention anything that violates the Indecent Representation of Women( Prohibition) Act, 1986

Shall not promote Ponzi scheme , MLM or any such business

Shall ensure that you will not spread viruses or distribute technology with intent to harm the interests of Gogofreeads and its users.

Shall not deal in items, or offer goods/services of illegal nature or are prohibited by the law.

Shall ensure that your listing is correctly posted in the appropriate category and geographical location.

The listing should be in accordance with the law of the land and shall abide by Gogofreeads Listing policy.

User Information

You agree that it is while listing, posting or sharing personal data on this site, you will be solely responsible for maintaining security of your data including your login details, password, contact address, email details and any other information your furnish to this website. Gogofreeads will not be responsible in any way for the security of your computer system and network while accessing this website.
Similar terms of use apply to users who access this website through any other electronic devices.

Who can use/access

The use of Gogofreeads is restricted to  who are 18 years of age and above and have not been barred by the law at the time of using the website.

For users who represent their organization or a legal entity, you agree that you are fully authorized to use and deal with the users of this website to list, post or give promotional ads on this website on behalf of the organization you are representing.  As the representative of your organization, you will be responsible and accountable to the other users of this website.

Misuse/Absuse of Gogofreeads

You agree not to use Gogofreeads in a way that’s demeaning to the website and to the other users.
You also agree to bring to our notice in case you observe an offensive listing that is derogatory in any way or harms the interests of this website and its other users, or is in contradictory to the policy laid down here under or to the listing policy.

You can reach us by sending us an email to help us serve you and our other users.

The website reserves the right to bring down any listing, posting or information if it is in violation of our terms of use, privacy policy and listing policy. We also reserve the right to curtail or limit our services to prohibit misuse of this website.

User Violations

We reserve the right to suspend your account and terminate your membership in case you are found guilty of violating the provisions of the website or are involved in any unlawful act, or your listing, posting or any other data provided by you is found to be in contradiction to the policies of this website.

The same terms apply in case you are representing an organization.

Our Content

The website reserves full right to all the content contained on the website including the information of all the users registered with us.  

You agree not to misuse the content herein either by copying, modifying or using content excluding your user information.

By submitting your information to this portal, you are giving us irrevocable, royalty free rights to use your information in any manner deemed fit by us. This includes the right to publish, distribute, translate or reproduce and use your information or share it with any of our partner’s website, business associates, clients and mobile platforms.

These rights to use your information actually help us serve you better. If you suspect any sort of violation, please feel free to contact us.

If we observe a violation of terms of use with respect to content or suspect violation, we have the right to delete such content from our records.


You agree that this website or its employees and agents are not in any way liable or accountable for the listings, postings and information contained herein.

You agree that Gogofreeads and its staff or agents are not in anyway responsible for misuse of your information. We are merely a platform that acts as a common marketplace for buyers and sellers. Since both the parties directly deal with each other, Gogofreeads is not liable for any of the misuse, unlawful acts if any, conducted by any of the users or 3rd party on this website.

We have no role whatsoever nor do we have any control over the listings and content posted by the users on this website.

Since we have no control or role in distributing or publishing information, we also do not guarantee the accuracy nor do we substantiate anything mentioned in the listings, postings and information given by the users.

The website or its employees and agents will not be liable for any loss of goods, money, reputation or damages incurred by using this website either directly or indirectly, including by making a sale or a purchase on this website.

We do not offer in any guarantee or warranty for the goods or services purchased or sold on this website.

We also do not claim or guarantee that our website is 100% secured, although we’ve taken due steps for the same.

Your Personal Information

Gogofreeads is free to collect, transfer , store and use the user information provided by the users. The data is stored on our secured servers.

You may further refer to the Privacy policy for more information on this. We will also send you marketing and promotional offers from time to time. However, if you do not want to receive such content, you may let us know or unsubscribe from receiving such information.


We reserve the right for updating, modifying the terms of use from time to time as we deem fit. We will notify you about addition/deletion and modifications of the terms via email.

By using this website, you automatically agree to the terms of use, privacy policy and listing policy contained herein.

3rd party Sites

Gogofreeads is not in any way responsible for the 3rd party sites and content that the users may visit via links on this website. The users shall view such websites at their risk.

We do not endorse, promote or publicize any other website. Users must exercise due diligence while dealing with 3rd party sites.

Any dealings that occur between the users on this website is at their own risk and responsibility. This website is not responsible for interaction, dealings, payment or delivery of products or services offered via listings or ads or offers or any other mode on this website.


In case of dispute or legal consequences, this website or its employees, agencies, business partners and affiliates will not be held responsible for any charges or expenses arising out of litigation.


The terms of use and listing policy is in accordance with the Indian law and the jurisdiction of Chennai Courts will be applicable in matters requiring judiciary action.