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Safety Tips For Classified Website

Precaution is the best way to keep away from a fraudulent buyer or seller.

For your safety and best interest, it is requested that you bear the following tips in mind:

Selling safely

Ensure that you receive full payment for the goods or services on delivery. Choose a secure location to meet the buyer.

Check the currency notes and money orders before accepting them. Fake notes or money orders will not be honored by banks and they will take you to be a perpetrator of fraud.

In case you receive a bulk order, make sure you verify the credentials of the buyer before delivering the order. Also insist on getting a valid photo id and address proof from the buyer.

To have a seamless business experience, be honest with your ad. Make sure that your product meets the specifications listed in the ad to avoid dispute.

Do not disclose your personal or financial information other than that required for the payment.

Buying safely

Choose a secure location when meeting the seller. Check the items thoroughly before making the payment.

Keep away from unreasonable offers. If something is available at hefty discount or at unbelievable low prices, then, watch out...Do not make hasty decision. This is true particularly for house rentals.

To avoid any dispute and enjoy a safe, secure deal, it is best to collect, inspect and then pay for your order to close the deal.

Stay away from making an advance payment before you collect your order, especially when dealing with unknown persons.

If you are unclear about any information about the item, seek clarification before finalizing the item. Check out price, payment mode and delivery terms before closing the deal.

Refrain from giving your financial information to anyone. Choose the payment option you trust and are comfortable using.

It is suggested that the items be bought from the vendor directly. Make sure you inspect the goods before buying. For electronics and vehicles, you must test check the items before buying. Particularly for vehicles, check the chassis number, enquire about accident history, theft, damage etc. You can hire 3rd party services to know the condition of the vehicle and also to track history of damages, accidents, theft etc.

Compare the prices and the features of the product before buying.

Ensuring safety of your account

Keep your login and password in a safe place. Increase the level of difficulty of your password. Use alpha numeric password with at least 6 characters. Do not save the password on your browser or reveal it to others.Also, it is best to change the password at regular intervals.

Special Precautions

If the goods is being offered at heavy discount, be careful. Take special care when an ad is listed in the FREE category. Also, if look out carefully, if you feel that the user is using the website too frequently or if the listing looks like a template.

If you suspect fraud, contact us and bring it to our notice. If you have been victimized, you are requested to intimate the Police immediately.